Month: January 2015

Clutter Be Gone!

I do not like clutter. I want my home to be clutter free. If I walk into a room and there is clutter on the desk, side tables, sofa, floor, you name it, I get agitated. I love looking at rooms in magazines that have that monastic look. Those are peaceful retreats that I dream about. Until learning about Feng Shui years ago, I thought I was odd. Now, I understand that clutter affects our psyche in many ways. A clutter less environment keeps ones mind clear and focused.

Ok, so that doesn’t mean I LIVE clutter free! Au contraire mon frere! Most of the time my office desk is cluttered with various projects in various stages, there is usually some sort of random sampling of items on our breakfast counter, my sock, underwear and t-shirt drawers are screaming for attention and organizing. But, what’s important to note is I TRY! Every once in a while, I will tackle the cluttered beast and feel fresh and new after organization has returned. I also try to keep up with the accumulation of stuff my family generates in the common areas of our home. My husband and daughter are clutter agnostic. They could care less if they sat in a pile of clutter every day of their lives. I finally gave up trying to organize my husband’s office and instead, relinquished the keys to that cluttered man castle many years ago. In 5 minutes, he can find anything I ask for from that place, so who am I to criticize his methods? My daughter lives in clutter, gets outstanding grades, is a “good kid”, but loses everything in her life. I don’t want to nag her, but I do remind her that she would be able to find things much easier if she  consistently put things away where they belonged. She listens…sometimes.

However, I AM outstanding at keeping clutter out of my closets and most storage areas.  I do not hesitate to throw away, consign, sell or give away things that we are no longer actively using. I have always believed that we really don’t need all of this stuff and we could really help declutter the planet if we shared our things once we were done with them.

So, here’s the big tip of the day! Decluttering your closet can make you money. Your teen’s closet can also make he or she money. Consignment shops are everywhere and are always looking for high-quality and even mid-quality clothes, shoes and especially purses. There are great online consignment shops such as, and Linda’s Stuff on eBay. These companies have perfected the art of consigning online and are great resources if you don’t have local consignment options. Now, unless you have a job where you are required to wear expensive designer outfits every day, don’t expect to make a fortune. What you can expect is to make $100 here and there for items from major department stores. Locally, the consignment shop, Plato’s Closet, is great for teens. Have your teen go through his/her closet and fill up a bag or box, take them to Platos and register as a consigner. They will look through the items right there and within minutes give you a cash or credit offer. By the time they develop the offer, your teen has usually found a few items to add to their wardrobe, so the exchange is great. “Free” new clothes. They have ski apparel to cocktail dresses, guys stuff and LOTs of girls stuff.

Another option, and a faster, more altruistic one, is to clean out your drawers and closets and take them to the nearest nonprofit thrift store such as Goodwill or The Arc. Not only will they take almost all of your items, they will resell them to people who need a bargain and with that money, help those in need or with disabilities.  Its a win win for everyone.

I have helped several friends clean out their closets, providing much-needed support in letting go of college clothes they haven’t worn in 15 years, jackets with shoulder pads and pants that fit five years and two kids ago. Not only that, fashions change quickly and new items can add a kick to your style for not much money, so why not get rid of those things that have been lingering in the deep recesses of your closet for more than two years?

If you want some help refreshing and decluttering, lets do this! Drop me a line at I will help you declutter your kitchen, closet, you name it and ultimately, maybe, help you get calm and focused.