Welcome to a fresh perspective

Yesterday, I had a terribly chic, international jet setter friend over. She’s the kind of friend I have no idea why she is friends with me, but she is and that is a wonderful thing. Her life leads her to exotic locales with people you read about in, well, PEOPLE. Long story short, she loved my humble home. A lot. It was flattering and confirmed to me that yeah, maybe I do have some panache, some cool ideas. My home is filled with things I have found new, but mostly with things I have slipcovered, stained, repainted, created from scratch, pulled out of dumpsters and fixed.

My style and determination to make something old cool again started in high school. While I am WAY beyond those years, my passion for the hunt, the creation and the unveiling  has never wained in all these years. I have sewn since I was 8 and have found that that skill along with imagination and a leap of faith can lead to some very interesting outcomes.

This blog is about rediscovering passions, having faith in your creative muse and being fearless in expressing your vision. To kick off this blog, I have posted a photo of my girl, Rosie. Her indomitable spirit of adventure and unwavering love inspires me to be positive and confident. I will be posting photos of home dec ideas that prove that you don’t have to spend a fortune to have an amazing retreat that reflects who you are. The important thing about your home is that you should love being there with family, friends, furry companions and still have some money in the bank.

An indomitable spirit, unerring love. She knows a cozy spot more than anyone.

An indomitable spirit, unerring love. She knows a cozy spot more than anyone.


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